Why Join Us

Why Join Us

Firstly, what exactly is a junket agent? Better known as an affiliate in UWONIWIN, a junket agent introduces high net-worth and high-rolling players to VIP gaming rooms. In return, the agent will receive a cut of the patrons’ playing amount, whether they win or lose in the games.

It is virtually impossible for ordinary people to become a junket agent as gaming companies have their own ready and trusted network of junket agents and operators. In order to even qualify as their agent, you have to be attached with a well-known junket agency or have close contacts and relationships with high-class and VIP players, which can take years to build and extreme effort to maintain.

What makes it even harder is that the junket industry is very competitive and agents who prosper do so based on their reputation, which also takes great determination, energy and time. To continue being a successful junket agent, their reputation must be constantly upheld as even a single discredit can result in losing players or worse, getting blacklisted from the junket agencies and the gaming companies.

At UWONIWIN, we make it simple, straightforward and effortless. We give everybody the chance to become akin to an actual junket agent, even if you don’t have years of experience or a wide database of players.

What is a Junket Agent?

To be a UWONIWIN’s affiliate, simply register with us through our website. Once you have successfully registered, you can start inviting people to join and play games on our online gaming platform and earn a percentage whenever they play, regardless of the player’s amount of winnings or losses.

By signing up with us, you can generate a stable and permanent income just by connecting players to the games that they enjoy. Your players get to indulge in their favorite pastime and you get to earn a constant income; it’s a winning situation for all the parties.

Register with UWONIWIN today, and start your lucrative junket agent experience!

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