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UWONIWIN offers first-rate experiences and enjoyment in online gaming to players around the world. From casino games to sports bookings, our engaging online platform provides a wide selection of gaming entertainment that is certain to fulfil every player’s interest.

We also provide a rewarding opportunity for individuals interested in the profession of a junket agent. By being an affiliate with UWONIWIN, you get to build a stable and lasting career and generate high earnings just like an actual junket agent.

What is a Junket Agent?

In recent times, junket agents have become indispensable to players wanting to enjoy the special perks and privileges of gaming. Their main task is to shower major net-worth players with royal treatment and VIP service, from dinner reservations to travel accommodation arrangements and other luxuries.

In return for bringing patrons to VIP gaming rooms, the agent receives a commission or percentage from the patron’s gaming, earning on both their wins and losses. A junket agent generally earns a fixed rate of the VIP rolling chip turnover. Thus, the higher the amount their recruited players put into the game, the higher the commission they receive, regardless whether the player wins or loses.

Based on report, the cumulated revenue of the world’s biggest gaming companies is approximately US $55 billion.

Up to 70% of the revenue comes from the VIP segment, where the biggest contributors are junket agencies. If a junket agent receives 1.25% fixed rate, which is one of the commission models used in Macau, the agent can easily earn thousands from just a single high-rolling VIP player. With such high and easy income, it’s no wonder that many individuals aspire to become a junket agent. Nevertheless, landing a position as a junket rep can be extremely difficult.

To be a successful junket agent, one needs to have personal relationships and connections with many wealthy and affluent regular players, continuously maintaining and building their network. Not only that but the agent is required to have the same close rapport with worldwide gaming companies and VIP gaming rooms in order to offer a wide selection for their players.

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